How am I going to get girlfriend when I'm going to a all boys school please help?

So I'm going to a all boys school and I need a cute girlfriend how am i going to get one

I look alright in pretty strong I'm not fat or too skinny and I'm quite rude I swear when I need to on scale of good boy and a bad boy my slightly leaning towards a bad boy at school
I'm only rude if someone is being rude to me


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  • You don't NEED a girlfriend. You just became a teenager. Getting through school and going through puberty are more pressing than getting a girl. But you will find girls anywhere else you go (store, mall, bus stop, library etc.) so you will have opportunities to meet some you just won't have the convenience of seeing her daily as going to the same school.


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  • When you go out with friends, talk to girls you see. It's really not hard, my boyfriend and I go to completely different Uni's and we still met each other


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  • Two words:
    Online dating.

  • its for the best dude! DONT POOP WHERE U EAT !

    ^it is meant for situations like dis!

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