Do older men have it easier in dating?

It seems like women in general want guys that are a few years older or more.

Like college girls generally want late-twenties men...

So how do college guys get girlfriends? I mean he can't go high school for obvious reasons.

Or do they not and wait until they're older...

But then how do guys typically have so much experience by the time they are old?

I think I saw in a study that the prime dating age for men is 35-40 or so...


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  • Sure they might be more attracted to men in their late twenties, but most would be completely okay with dating a guy their own age.


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  • Yes absolutely, as long as you're employed and moved out of parents house (in certain communities the latter isn't required.)

    Here's your graph from oktrends:

    By the time you're 18 you'll be as desirable to women as... an old guy like me. Peak for guys is late 20's. However what's perhaps more noticeable than your peak is the fact that in teens and early 20's, women are MUCH MORE in demand than you. You're competing with guys your age AND with older guys for the girls your age. But by your late 20's, women your age and younger are competing for YOU.

    • Cool. Yeah it seems like girls have an easier time getting dates at my age, because of the phenomenon you described.

      But we have good late game...

    • Agreed. However no reason to give up for years, or to simply wait - both enjoyment and developing dating and relationship skills should start when you're interested.

      But don't get -discouraged-. Don't assume if you're struggling now you always will be.

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  • I think it's possibly connected to the fact that women's worth and desirability (make of that what you will) allegedly starts declining after 35 - or they become desperate to settle and not end up an old maid.

    I'm not sure - I would say women my age play fewer stupid games? Maybe. But they are also more established and sure about what they want, so are pickier. It makes finding someone young at heart and adventurous who doesn't want to settle and have a family a bit harder.

  • We find the girls who are still willing to date their ages lol

    Girls don't always make it a rule to date older, they just want a "mature" guy who is serious about his future.

  • No... it sucks.