How would you feel about your s/o going on a long vacation alone (1 week or longer)?

My good friend insists I'm holding myself back by not traveling with her and lleaving my bf behind. To be honest, my bf of 3 years and I both agree that either one of us vacationing alone is not acceptable... and we're fine with that! Can I get your views?

  • Yes, I don't mind s/o traveling for pleasure without me
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  • No way, we travel together.
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  • Well, that sounds pretty ridiculous to me, especially after 3 years together.

    If I was that deep into a relationship, I'd probably be begging her to go.


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  • Its totally fine with me, everyone needs some alone time, that doesn't mean the relationship is heading for a disaster, its the opposite actually, in fact i would encourage my SO to go and have some alone time.

  • True that!

    Taking a break from your partner for few days is not a wrong or a bad thing to do. In my opinion, it is preferrable.
    At the end, it could even remind you how much you were missing each other during that break :)


What Girls Said 1

  • Why does the idea of traveling without each other bother you and your BF so much? That i something that should probably be explored..