What does, 'not a good idea for me right now...' mean?

I recently asked this girl out. her response was...

'I just don't think its a very good idea for me to be going out at all with guys right now, even just as friends, because no matter what it just never goes right and always turns into a big mess. sorry, otherwise I would.'

i see this girl fairly regularly, she works at the gym i use, I'll stop, we'll chat. always friendly, all smiles and laughs.

call me a dumb guy, but im missing something. its just seemed kinda half assed, like she would like to, but for some reason won't let herself. i need a female opinion. whats it mean? we're pretty friendly, but im getting frostbite here.

I've asked this girl out before, when we met, many many months ago. she said yes, but cancelled bc she had just ended a relationship and wasn't ready to start another.


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  • She simply isn't physically attracted to you, but is giving excuses so as to let you down gently and without hurting you.