Was I just a rebound to him?

Everything happened so fast i just can't believe it. This guy was my crush two years ago and now he is suddenly interested in me. We go to the same University but he's one year older than me and he's a friend of a good one of mine. So he asked him for my number and contacted me and asked me out but i refused him.
The next day he insisted coming over so I accepted but I live with two other girls so when he showed up it got awkward and wrote me a note if I want to come over to his place and I knew what that meant but since he was my crush I accepted.
So we walked to his apartament, got to know eachother a bit and there was simply amazing, he is into these role playing, torture and all that kinkyness like in 50 shades of grey. And after that he decided to walk me back to my place and on the way he told me a lot of stories about him and he was kinda cute and funny and he also decided to go to the park too. It was romantic and when he dropped me home he hugged me and kissed me goodnight.

But here is the problem, now he is cold, he left a message on Facebook but didn't try to keep the conversation going, And he just broke up with his girlfriend but they are still friends and hanging out, and I bumped into them today at school and it was awkward, I said hi and ran away

Please help, I dont know what to do, to ignore him, or try to talk to him after a few days? I didn't like him so much because he was selfish and arogant but now i know his true side, he's just perfect for me


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  • Well, you should probably text him in a few days. You could be a rebound, an insurance policy if he can't work it out with his ex-girlfriend. However, he hasn't had sex with you yet. Normally, rebounds are used for sex only.

    • but we had :( yeah i think he used me...

    • Oh he did. That does change things. You might be. The only way you can tell is by asking him about what your relationship is?

  • Well sounds like he used u if his attitude changed like that. maybe he wants his ex back


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