Where is a good place to find people to date?

I haven't dated anyone seriously for about 3 years now. I kind of enjoy being single. I have lots of programming projects I'm working on after work and I work 9 hour days all through the week, so I don't get out much. I am tall, fairly healthy, decent looking guy... I just don't meet anyone anymore now that I'm not in school or really going anywhere that I meet people. I guess there are a lot of cute nurses in the building I work in, but I'm working so I typically don't get much time to converse with them.
I've tried dating sites and pretty much got sick of dealing with fake bot accounts so I'm not going to bother with those anymore.
Anyways, just looking for suggestions of good places to meet people to take out.


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  • Are you into sports? Join a free-agent team as part of a coed rec league. If you're into music or performing arts of some kind, go out to an open mic night here and there.

    Alternatively, if you're going to do the online dating thing, don't bother with POF and OKCupid - you'll have to sift through way too much crap.. go with eharmony or match or something like that. Basically, if you're going to do online dating as a guy and you are serious about finding someone you'll be compatible with, you're gonna have to pay for the service.

    • yeah, I play sports. I mean most recently I've played hockey which isn't very conducive to meeting girls. I'm in a band but we haven't been playing much lately.

      I guess I can try other dating sites, but I'm pretty much completely turned off to them after the last few attempts at it.

      Thanks for the suggestions... maybe I can find a coed soccer team or something like that.

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    • the only problem I have with it is I work until 6. My friend tried to get me to do it a few years ago and I couldn't make the times that they played. Does sound fun though.

    • Check out what other opportunities there might be where you live...

      Where I live there is a recreational sports league that does drop-in volleyball and dodgeball games on Fridays and also hosts plenty of weekend leagues, so you could join a Sunday team or something.

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  • The gym from what I hear. That's just an option. Don't try bars for serious relationships though. You'll get a hookup at most if anything.

    I'm with you though on dating sites. I'm starting to think they're pointless, not just the bots though. I've met tons of women on there and they've never led to anything.

    • yeah, I've been to bars... pretty much a waste of time. Parties tend to be a bit better, but I seldom have ones to go to.

      I haven't been to the gym since after a breakup a while back... could be a good option, I hear that most girls hate guys flirting with them at the gym though.

    • Yeah it's a tough situation. It's like girls expect guys to be confident and approach them but at the same time get creeped out by random guys approaching them. Doesn't make any sense.

      This is why I'll let girls come to me or talk to them if they're talking to my friends.