How do I know if he's into me?

There's a Starbucks next door to where I work and so I go in there probably every day. Sometimes, multiple times a day. I don't get cheap drinks by any means---usually espresso drinks with added shots. One of the baristas no matter what I order gives me it for free? He actually rings it up as a refill which is 50cents but since I have a Starbucks gold card I get them for free. We usually chat a bit while I'm there but we've never spoken when he's off shift.

SO MY QUESTION IS, is this some sort of psuedo flirting? Or should I just be quiet and accept the free drinks?


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  • I get free food many times and yes even at starbucks just be quiet like you said and smile

    • Well it's always the same guy. I know (and chat with) a lot of the other baristas but none of them do the same?

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    • well I don't really know him very well, but I think he's cute, so.

    • Well It all starts off like that then you talk and get to know each other better. Since you put it that way go for it

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  • No brainer. Ifor you're open to it accept it and take the extra step. If you're not. Insist on paying. Don't be greedy bitch. Karma will get you

    • it's so awkward though! i'm there with my coworkers and he's got other baristas around how am I supposed to just be like "uhm sorry, but, you rang me up wrong."

    • Yes. You should be. Not sure why you think the opposite reaction is ok.
      Especially among a professional environment like Co workers.
      Pay cash tomorrow.

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  • Every time? Yeah, I'd think he likes you.

  • Can't judge the situation without trying.. Offer him a treat as an excuse for what he is doing for you. That's when you'll know the answer to your question.

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