Um... How to go about a situation with a crush? See below?

Alright, so I'm crushing *hard* on my best friend's older brother. She knows I'm into him, though not to the extent I actually am (I have strong feelings for her brother and want to get to know him better as a person). Now, another friend who knows the extent of my feelings gave me advice. He's in college, and she advised that since I obviously cannot date him now, to try to get to know him. I'm looking into colleges now and am taking the SAT next year, and applying for colleges after that. This second friend (we'll call her Jane) advised I ask him about college and the admissions process and all that. It makes sense, since the whole process confuses me entirely. However, I feel awkward asking my crush's sister about when her brother will be home (he sometimes comes home on weekends). She knows I value her friendship more than I do my *crush* but I don't want to make her seem like I'm only hanging out with her to talk to her brother.

My question: how can I determine a date where I can hang out with my friend and "by chance" on a date where her brother will be home so I can talk to him?

All feedback appreciated (so long as it isn't "ask her to set you two up" -_-. )


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  • Well if you dont want to ask her when he'll be home, all you can do is hang out with her until he is there one day. If he seems like he's usually there on the weekends, then try to hang out as much as you can on the weekends

  • just start masturbating in public and im sure it will all sort itself out


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