Great movies for starting dates EVERYONE will love?

So at the beginning of a relationship, before you really get to know each others tastes and are learning about each other, I think most people like watching movies together as its low maintenance and you can start to get more physical. Usually you try to play it safe and watch something like a comedy or drama. However, you often run into the problem where I find the sexes are often divided by preference (ie he'd rather watch "The Expendables" and she, "The Notebook"). So I'm looking to expand my "first couple dates" movie selections, plus I think it'd really benefit everyone reading, aka us guys often being the ones deciding.

So, I'd like to know your favorite movies to watch as a beginning couple when you don't know each other yet. Try to include why "he" and "she" will like it :)

For example, two of my go to movies that never let me down:

1. "Real Steel" --> He'll love it more for the action and boxing, she'll love it more for the cute kid, uplifting narrative, and side romantic story.

2. "Shallow Hal" --> He'll love it more for the comedy and visual mindset guys go through dating, she'll love it for the 'guy gets the right girl' story and that inner beauty always trumps looks.

Disclaimer** I don't mean for this to become sexist or insinuate anything. Yes. girls can love action and fighting, and yes, boys can like romance and love stories. The point of these movies is to essentially "cover the bases" so no matter what the persons type is, everyone can enjoy :)


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  • Lol I honestly couldn't finish either of those movies. I'd pretend to be interested just for him though

    • The best relationship movie to me is anything thats a Rom-Com. It'll be romantic and we can laugh! I feel like the action should be saved for when we're used to each other

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    • Guys and Girls should love it! After all, one or the other will be jumping all into the others arms! Perfect excuse to cuddle

    • Sounds perfect to me, I'll have to give it a try!

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