Would you give him a second chance?

Hello, a year ago I really hit it off with this guy. We spent two months talking online and only hung out twice. He ended it with me after a conversation with a woman I thought was my friend told him how I had dealt with depression. She told him I insulted him behind his back, which was untrue. He ignored me for months and so did she. 3 months later he starts talking to me to tell me he wants to date my friend. I was hurt and said I was not okay with this. He told me I had no reason to be mad. Later, she told me I had ruined things with him for having depression. She admitted to lying to him about things I had said. They started dating and we stopped talking. A week ago I ran into the guy who said he was sorry for how he treated me. He told me he saw her for her true colours and felt bad for the things he said to me. He told me he thought she was his perfect match and then she tried to change him. He now wants to be my friend and go out for coffee. Should I give him another chance?

Most of the people on this site are so nice. Thanks!
Hey, I have decided to not talk to him anymore. He ended it with me during a time of needed and didn't trust me. My friend has been in his bed and posted pictures of them together. I can't get over it. He was stupid to believe her. I don't want someone who couldn't see the best in me.


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  • I find that you should give him the chance. Based on what you said, he wasn't the lying vixen in this convoluted triangle (I apologize if you'd prefer I don't refer to your... acquaintance in such a way). Sure, he hurt you a because he wanted to date your acquaintance. I'll admit it was was rather tactless to say you had no reason to be mad, but it seems he was under a misconstrued opinion of you... If he dated your acquaintance for a long period of time, he'd know her more, discover some facts and realize he hurt you.
    However, if you're still not sure, look at the way he apologized to you. Was there anything else he said that stands out? Was there something he didn't say that stands out? Did it seem easy for him to apologize? Was it hard for him?
    Personally, I'd give him a second chance. But do what you need to based on how you think he feels about this.

    • Yeah she had been my friend for over 10 years. She said she could date him because she was the boss of her. She told him I said she had stolen him from me and made me sound nuts. Like everyone told me though, the truth eventually comes out.

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  • Everyone makes mistakes. He made decisions based on bad information. If he apologized, you should give him a shot.

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    • How was ending things with me and then dating a woman that I thiught was my friend the higher road? I was really hurt by what happened.

    • I understand, but he had bad information.

  • You can... But don't ever expect any better behavior out of him than what you already know.. He walked away based on someone else's lies without even talking to you!! That's not good!! And over depression!!! If he wasn't a selfish jerk, he would have talked to you about it and even asked what things were good/not good to do. Things he could do that would help... Maybe...
    Don't wast your time!!!
    Find some one that deserves you!!

  • i ttally would


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