Ex Girlfriend Promblems?

My Ex and I have been brokening up for around 2 weeks, anyway we still talk but mostly fight about stupid things and make up (not get back together), as I was saying today we got in a aggrument, how she spread a rumor about me liking her best friend, anyway I text her about it and she said she didn't , but she was the only one that I spoke to her about that girl (didn't tell her I liked her. Anyway we threaten to block each other numbers, then we stop talking, We both acted rude to each other, but I want to to apologize because that's the right thing to do. This was today how long should I wait to reply and apologize?, and what's somthing good to say? Don't want to get back with her just aplogize for being rude. We're 15


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  • If you truly want to just apologize don't wait to do it and waste more time on her just do it now and move on.

    • Yea but would it lucky needy.

  • Tonight send her a long text telling her your thoughts on the whole matter. Be very honest with her and very respectful. And apologize in that text. That should calm down some of the arguments for a little while at least and she will be more respectful to you