Hey girls! What is the best way someone asked you out?

What was the best way someone asked you out?

Follow up, what WOULD be the best way to ask you out?


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  • No one has actually ever asked me out. They have told me they like me but not asked me oit. No wonder why I didn't know what it looked like when done properly.

    Snyhow im not picky. Just asking me if I want to do the thing whatever it is would be fine:)

    I love the literally asking part. It gives me an opportunity to respond. I'm not crazy about the there's this thing you can come or you should come or maybe I'll see you there.

    Just a direct question like im a person and not an option, is nice:)


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  • for me it was just coming out an asking
    i like to be be asked nicely and tell me she finds me very attractive and wants to be more then friends and i am a transgender women only attracted to other females so id like tobe asked in a lesbian sort of way if there is a way like that with dinner candle light an a movie then kissing huging and cuddling those sort of ways then ask me out

  • My bf got a softball because i love softball and he wrote on it, and it said i know i might strike out asking, but will you be my girlfriend? And he didn't just hand it to me, he asked to play catch and when i caught it i read it. It was sooo cute.


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  • Something along the lines of "would you be my player 2?" :) Like if I went to a friend's house and her sister was a gamer or something.