He is upset with me but I don't know why?

So there's a really nice guy I've had two great dates with. We are even having a third date next Tuesday. Today he sent me a picture on whatsapp and I saw it but couldnt reply cause i was working and about 4 hours later he sent me an upset smiley so i explained that i was working and thats why i couldnt reply but he just saw the message and ignored it. Why did he get upset just with a stupid thing like that?

The picture wasn't of him, it was a funny one


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  • Is he a sensetive person? He may have convinced the reason you didn't reply is because you didn't like the way he looked, or you didn't fancy him.

    Your explanation afterwards he may see as a cover up to what you really thought.

    Best thing to do would be to speak to him in person and explain that you find him sexy and you liked the picture. Then its easier for him to see the truth :)


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  • Holy shit he sound so needy already.

  • He isn't upset...

    • then whats wrong with him? lol

    • Uhh nothing? Did he say he was? Or are you imagining things?

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