Would u date this guy?

Would u date ur best guy friend? My best guy friend asked me out on a date a few days ago and I don't know if I should say yes or not.

Here's what he's like -

* speaks 5 languages
* very very protective
* lawyer ( his family is very well to do)
* rides horses competivly
* knows u better than I know myself
* lives in Barcelona, Spain
* has traveled the world and brought u with him back to his favorite places
* loves to cook for u
* always there even at crazy times
* spent summers with him and his family in Europe for 16 years
* very well built
* will come see u for no other reason that he misses u

Would u date him?

The guy I'm talking about was my first kiss


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  • Do all girls make lists when it comes to man? NOW I FINALLY KNOW WHY ITS SO DIFFICULT TO FIND ONE.

    I kid, of course. But I wouldn't get so wrapped up with reasons, you could have a million reasons in the world, but its the sparkle in his eye and your rapport together that counts. For example, he may have the sense of humour of a slug. A lot of girls couldn't cope with that.


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  • What's stopping you? If you like his personality, give it a shot with an open mind and drop your walls - maybe there will be chemistry.

    • He was my first kiss

    • Even more the reason to date him then.

    • I know how you feel though. I'm actually comparable to the man you've described in many ways, albeit geographic location and occupation (although equally prestigious). Some girls I've crushed on ended up just being friends and were afraid to step things up for fear the friendship might disintegrate. All I can say is, from my personal experience, and my personal experience only, once feelings develop, it's inevitable that the friendship will become awkward - whether you date or not. Meaning, I wouldn't be friends with someone I had feelings for. Hence, give it a shot!

What Girls Said 3

  • what's stopping you? go for it! !

  • Are you trolling? because if you aren't this guy sounds amazing! what stopping you? if you don't want him I'll take him!!! :)

    • I'm not trolling

    • the go for it :) as long as he treats you right and your into him, that's all that matters

  • Seriously?
    Like ur being serious?

    Get out

    • I'm being serious that's what he is like

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