I'm 19 going to be 20 Years old & I'd like a virgin to marry because: My Reason it not Religious my I strongly Believe: My Biological mother was drug?

My name is Douglas Walker.
MY Diagnose is Autism.
I enjoy cooking-baking-bike riding-walking-cleaning-organizing-yard work in cool weather.
I enjoy chess.
Because of my Behavioral disability I can not drive yet I can pay for gas & food yet no shelter.
As it comes to life partner I'd prefer a virgin Like my self to marry Because I my self is virgin and don't believe in sex before marriage plus view sex as sacred and should not be missed used. My Reason it not Religious my I strongly Believe: My Biological mother was drug addict whore & Farther possibly Drug dealer who is black. I strongly Believe in Science & math. Not in Religious Mythology.
I'm not 100% atheist though so I guess I'm the middle Between Religious Believers and none religious believers.
Math points out there's higher power because more we explore math & science the more limits & stop sighs we find.
I can except a religious Partner yet We'll have to come to few agreements though.
Nice Polite Gentlemen like Fellow readers? Never had girls as friends since I was 7-8 years old so new to this.
I'm deeply sorry madam I can not add people who Smoke-Drink Sprits-Beer. The only Herb/Drug (Named Weed) that's showing Sighs of medical benefit. Certain strains-Species can give you the best results through eating it like spinach. I'm Low ranking Intellect person I read random research & study's Plus do my own random research through You Tube learning Channels. I have 100+ learning channels and 20 fun channels?


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  • Best of luck then. May god give you a virgin.

    • The Bible Koran Contain Some Mythology in it. Why some/other events can be math & science Explained. I have done some research about dark web & learned you can order women-kids-teens.

      This requires to leave the country and go to the forbidden place in the middle east. Forgot what's it's called though.