What the heck is this dude's problem!

So me and my co-worker have been dating for the last week and I just figured out one day how about we eat lunch in the Cafeteria? Well as I was about to ask her out on another date one of her guy friends comes up and starts talking about his problems to her and I was like OMG what the f***! Now my whole thing is like does she has feelings for the dude or what? Is it wrong to ask before I go any further? I can kinda get that vibe that he is jealous of me talking to her because one point he was telling me he liked her but he said it would never work out? Should I give her some space time to think things over or be persistent? I already told her I liked her a lot and she was just waiting for me to ask her on another date. Thanks your opinions will help me a lot!


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  • I really love that you've actually considered giving her space BUT- what I think you really need to worry about is how this girl feels- not her guy friend. Does she seem interested in you? Did she seem happy when you told her you liked her? Did your date go well, was there chemistry between the two of you? If the answer is yes, then I think you should ask her out again and forget about the guy friend because regardless of how HE feels, she likes you and from what he said, he knows she doesn't feel that way about him. Besides, and as a girl with a lot of guy friends I know this is hard for guys to accept, girls can have guys in their life who are just friends. And yes they do tend to talk to us about their problems- they can go on about how they're upset to us the way they never really can with the guys. I look at it this way- I can be one of the boys to a point, but I'm not good for a wild guys' night and the rest of the guys are no good when a guy wants to talk through his breakup for the thirtieth time. I love my guy friends dearly but I would never consider dating them- anymore than I would consider dating one of my girl friends. This girl probably sees her friend that way and I doubt she'd have gone out with you if she were interested in her guy friend.

    • Well she smiled and said it was too early for that but I wanted to let her know ahead of time because she kept on talking about other dudes at our work and it kinda annoyed me a bit meaning she didn't really have nothing to talk about work. But as time grows I'm understanding more and more about her as transitioning to a relationship status. As for the guy friend I sense this jealously from him he always stares at me at work and tries to look down at me since this girl has been giving me attent.

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  • If you're concerned ask her about whether this guy is a friend or something more.

    I doubt she has anything more than platonic feelings for him, but if you don't clarify the issue it'll prey on your mind.

    • I don't think it's an issue no more its clear to me who she likes between us its just a matter of patience and time. Thanks for the answer