Would you date someone who hasn't been exposed a lot with dating?

Would you date someone who's only been on one or two dates? I'm not referring to dating in high school or junior high. I'm referring to mid to late 20's. Even early thirties. I'm about to be 25 and I've only been on 2 dates before. I'm just curious to see what other people think

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  • A person who isn't experienced in driving a car has to drive more to gain experience. Dating requires two people. Basically, the phrase "you gotta start somewhere" comes to mind. I'd date them. Even if we don't work out, they gain valuable experience.


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  • depends on their personality. i have been picky and i'm glad i was because i met the perfect guy for me! i don't believe he has had a lot of experience. idc if he has or hasn't. i rather he didn't in the pas. i haven't had a lot of dating experience myslef not that i couldn't get anyone because i talked to a lot of guys and it was only because i couldn't find the right one for me until now :) if a guy dates like a ton of girls it would make me feel like ok well he never had anything serious and im just going to be another one to him. it just all depends on their personality.

  • Yes. I'd prefer that over someone who's been with everyone.

    • I agree with your answer

  • I'd definitely date them. I only dated once and been on one date. Both were back in middle school


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