We texted a lot, then a little, but in person he's super nice?

A month ago, I hit it off really awesomely w this guy at a party. We text the whole day prior to the party, then all night until we fell asleep. After spending the same weekend hanging with him and our friends, we didn't text as much.

I'd text him here and there still, but it wasn't as great. Then a month later when I saw him, we had such a blast! I teased him about him possibly "avoiding me." but he was really apologetic, and convinced me that he's just not a huge texter.

So after that weekend, I texted him a bit, but again, not great. Should I not text him at all? Wait for him to text me? or maybe just wait a few days to text him if he doesn't text me first?


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  • have him call you. test the "im not a big texter" theory. If he doesn't call, then in my book, don't call = don't care. and don't text = really don't care. just be mindful of it- text him less. see what happens


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  • Don't text him a lot... like maybe two or three times a week. If he texts you back cool if not oh well. Just don't bug him with texting him all time.