What Do You Like In A Boyfriend?

Alright ladies, here's one for you! I see all these girls asking guys what they want in a boyfriend, so now it's your turn! Be specific, go into detail, and don't be ashamed to be honest!


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  • This is just my 1cent of opinion. Fyi im a pre medic student, former beauty queen and a freelance model.

    Firstly : handsome is not really matter as long as he is good looking ( wearing smart, smells good, taller than me) but it is a bonus.

    Secondly : Rich is not really matter as long as he is stable ( have a stable job, owned a car, paying his bills, and not stingy) but if he is, then its a bonus.

    Thirdly : Six pack is not important as long as he looks fit ( not too thin, not too fat, a bit muscular) but if he is, its a bonus plus he is hot when he is sweating.

    Forth : Personality. He is matured, knows how to make me smile, understanding ( not jealous when im hanging out with my guys friends)

    Family background : as long as his family is economically stable and supportive


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  • Gentlemen, confident, intelligent, makes me smile, respects me, makes time for me. Commits in a relationship and communicates very well. Well mannered, charming smile, doesn't compare himself to anyone at all. Is himself of course and wouldn't try to be something that he is not, makes me laugh. Shows that he loves me and does just tell me with words. I like action in a relationship not just words. Without any action in a relationship words to me mean nothing. Honest, loyal, trustworthy, caring, nice personality, good looking, good hygiene, makes me a priority in his life.

  • Honestly, Loyalty, Integrity, Intelligence, Independence, Responsible, Empathetic, Emotional Intelligence, Confidence, Encouragement, Vulnerability, Adventurous, Funny, Goal-Oriented, Good Looking, Good Hygiene, Healthy, Supporting, Understanding, Friendly, Leader, Gives Me Space, and Even Though I can't Always Be His First Priority, I Will Always Be In His Top.

  • - kind
    - caring
    - honest
    - understanding
    - stern
    - decisive
    - moral
    - patient
    - brave
    - quick
    - smart
    Can't comment on looks well because www.singleblackmale.org/.../...erfectGuy-70418.jpg

  • Sexy, confident, attentive, nice, manners/respect, good body but a great heart, smart, 5 O'clock shadows, outstanding hygiene, good job, likes to give surprises (like I'm outside your door lets get dinner), understanding, protective (not overly), funny, can drive stick, have a good listening ear, and most importantly loves me for me because he's truthfully honest within himself.

    • So if he is everything else, but due to whatever circumstances he doesn't have a job you consider 'good job', what happens? I am curious. Because some women will drop the guy, some will love someone for who he is and not how much he makes. Maybe the thing he loves to do most doesn't make that much money? or maybe he is going to school part time in hopes he gets that better job at some point but right now, he has to take what he has...

    • That's okay, that would fall under being driven and ambitious and that's ALWAYS sexy.

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