My boyfriends still in love with his ex- what do I do?

It's very obvious. One of my friends broke up with this guy because he was being to clingy and she didn't want to be with him anymore. I am now dating him (with her approval). A couple days before they broke up he gave her some lyrics to the song 'Thinking out Loud' because it was his favourite.
Yesterday he was in the car with one of our friends (passenger seat while friend was driving) and when it came on he closed his eyes and mouthed the words. When our friend asked him about he said that he misses her (his ex) and we are dating!! What can I do I'm starting to get suicidal again (please no pity)?


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  • If you read feel that way you should just. Ask him and say " Is it true you're still iove with her?" Or go easy and say " I think if you really like her then we should take time off. Maybe we can talk again after we get our minds clear" ( by talk again I mean like don't completely avoid him take time off for a week or two) Just tell him how you feel


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  • misses her and still in love with her are two totally different things. pull your head out of your butt, lady.

    • There is much more than that. He still always stands right next to her and talks o her more than me. Hugging her and saying that he would marry her (said that to a friend who told me)

    • Don't worry, after high school no one will care about any of this shit.
      Dump his ass and start worrying about important things.
      Someday, you'll meet a man, who is done with his exs.