What, and where are my chances?

40yrs highly educated (postdoc), look nice and girly, having had some bad luck in relationships, looking for a serious one. Not the bartype (anymore).

So I am totally not meeting anyone new anymore. Having trouble online dating (not filtering out the weirdo's too well), small social circle of settled friends who are not able to introduce me.

Do you have any tips for me upping my chances of meeting a good guy?


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  • Church, social groups, hobbies, classes, anything that gets you around people. I know it can be rough. Believe me, there are many of us who are single by various reasons who are looking for women such as yourself. It is hard to find them in the sea of people who are not serious, but we do exist. Sorry for your lonliness.

    • Thanks for your comment, I read it a long time ago but just discovered that I hadn't answered. I'm trying my best to be more active and get out more. Let's hope for the best, I only need one good one :-)

    • Thank you for MHGuy. You are so right that you only need one, but it can be hard finding that one. You might get real lucky and have one accidentally connect somehow, but your chances are so much better if you put yourself out where lots of people are. (The right people, not strange websites or night clubbing. But do go to the clubs when you are just wanting to get out and have a bit of fun.) Best of luck.

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  • get some hobbies, get out and do things that you enjoy doing, then there is a chance that you will meet with people who enjoy the same things you do and a chance that you will meet a guy you like

    • You're right, I kind of got stuck in a rut being with my friends and their babies/families at their houses a lot last couple of years. Also working in a women's business, gym in women's classes etc. I should join something but I am not quite sure what yet, will try some Asian cookingclasses, some lectures. Will try a groupholiday, a singles' weekend. Just don't know about the hobbies... Used to go to festivals, and out, you know, but nobody of my friends do that anymore, and I don't really want to either. If anyone has inspiration, that would be great, it's strange but I have no idea!

    • Say hello to me in pvt and we can chat. I'm sure we can think of something

    • I'm European so I have to ask where it is you are from

  • Church might be a good bet.

    • I have seen that with some Christian colleagues, they all get to know their partners there, via their families etc. But I am not religious, don't know any actively Christian people here (it's a pretty secular country in Europe). Also don't have any family anymore.

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  • Get introduced to guys from friends. Or join activity groups of thins your interested in to meet like minded men.

    • The friends I have hardly have any single people in their circles (tried to say that in the question). But the second suggestion is good, should try to find some time of activity for meeting people. Maybe some volunteerwork or some community of some sort.

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