She says she's busy... BUT... confusion?

So this girl i've slept with twice already and taken out three times was seeming nice and interested, she went overseas for two months and intended on seeing me again when she gets back which was her idea... she's nearly back in a couple of days and I invited her over for dinner (obviously kinda expecting a plain "yeah sure").
but she replies asking about what I'm gonna cook, and she says yeah definatly BUT she's really busy

"ohh what are you gonna cook up? yeah for sure at some point. I'm really busy for the next few weeks cause iv'e arranged to catch up with family and friends, but definitely some time!"

She IS also starting a new uni course two days after she gets back...
and she IS however still coming to my bands gig (i mentioned it to her earlier on) and she says "yeah i'll definitely be there, looking forward to it!"

So I don't know how to gauge her level of interest right now, cause she doesn't mind making me wait an extra few weeks after not seeing me for months (which is fine and well within her rights)... but not what i was expecting at all (like wow, hit to the ego hey)

she's a fascinating type of girl an I'd definitely like to keep getting to know her. What do you reckon to this situation? and what do you think her logic is?

My bands gig is next week, so soon


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  • It sounds to me like she isn't blowing you off just yet , but more waiting the water to see if you will tread it with her if you catch my meaning. She already knows your into her and she you. She seems to be building her life and she is interested in knowing if your support her or if you plan to tear it down.
    Best case is to be supportive of her. If you try to force yourself in she will bolt. There is a fine line between being in a persons life and shoving yourself into someone's life. Just give her a little space to breath and get caught up with family , she is excited and wants to catch them up on her experiences. Show a genuine interest in it yourself and the rewards may just surprise you.

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