Is he trying to tell me he's too busy for a relationship?

I've been dating this guy for over two months. He work 3 jobs. He calls and makes dates regularly. But lately I've been wondering where I stand. We haven't had the talk and he told me it's been the busiest month I've only been able to see him once a week. I texted him and said I don't know what's going on with us Sometimes and all he ams were wad I work a lot this has been the busiest month. I'm confuset with his answer it doesn't tell me how he feels or where he sees the rel going.


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  • Well he's working three jobs, for whatever reason. So there is bound to be a time when one of them gets really busy.

    It's not like he is refusing to see you, or saying he will go to things and cancelling them last minute or not turning up.

    The fact he says he is busy when working three jobs, he is pretty busy. So understand that he isn't going to have all the time in the world.

    Just chill out otherwise you will push him away and then the next thing on here will be I was too pushy and I want him back

    • I just don't understand why he can't make the effort to text and call more often.

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    • I took the bull by the horn last night and asked him were he saw this going and how he felt about me. He said it was too early for him to say but that he likes me and wants to see where it goes. He said he's not seeing anyone else but not ready for the boyfriend label. Is it bad that after two months he doesn't know? should I move on, or is there still a possibility for things to grow?

    • What if he says "I want a real relationship with you, but I have no time because of my 3 jobs?

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  • Once a week is a lot, just occasionally more than that is a lot. I would be satisfied. He just wants space. :)