Any advice on getting a girlfriend overseas?

I plan in the future to get a girlfriend out of state or out of the country. I was born Seattle Washington; I currently live in California. I am Asian pacific islander; my family is from the Philippines. My hobbies are playing video games, watching movies, walking, running, eating, traveling, listening to music, browsing through the internet, watching pranks on YouTube, and driving. Things I like in school is algebra, grammar, and world war 2 history. Places I like to hang out are malls, parks, food courts, restaurants, game stores, and computer labs in college. When I was in high school I dreamed of marring a rich European girl. I like girls that are accepting, honest and be fun to be with. Girls that I don't like are bossy, changing people for her needs, mean, crazy, complains a lot, gives people a hard time, and hot tempered. I like all girls any race, mostly white girls. I plan to join the army and get deployed somewhere overseas, Iraq, Europe , out of state or anywhere they deploy me. During my breaks I'll hang out somewhere where there is girls around. As of right now, I'm attending college and about to graduate with a certificate of completion in automotive. Any advice on getting a girlfriend overseas?


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  • HAHAHA I'm Filipino.. We aren't Pacific Islanders.. Only Filipino-Americans claim this shit. It's ridiculous.