Should my sister date him?

My younger sister is dating a United States Naval Academy undergraduate, and he is going to join the United States Navy after his graduation. My sister told me that one of his biggest dreams is to gather a Medal of Honor or Navy Cross, which are the highest and second-highest military decorations of United States Armed Forces respectively.
However, people know that many Medal of Honor or Navy Cross recipients lose their lives in the war zone, so she is afraid that she may lose her potentially future husband.
Do you think she should continue this dating?
There is a poll, but please also explain your reason. Thanks!

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  • Even if he died but got the metal of honor. It's worth risking pain when it comes to love than not risking it at all and wondering what could have been. No matter what it's good to experience different types of love.


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  • Is he going to a Marne Corps Officer or is he trying to be a Navy SEAL or EOD?

    • Neither a SEAL Team Six/SEAL nor U. S. Marine; he wants to be a high-ranking Navy official, such as a Captain or Admiral, on the United States Fleet.
      But he also wants to be a highly decorated serviceman like Douglas MacArthur, who has multiple military decorations and has no fear to protect the United States of America and its Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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    • OK, he means he wants to be a highly decorated serviceman, but he also wants to come back alive.

    • He could be highly decorated if he is stationed in Japan. Ribbons don't mean that much; it's about rank. Rank is earned through time and experience.

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  • She needs to trust her gut. Also guys that she are prone to making statements to impress girls. In general, it's best not to meddle in other people's love lives. Trust her to make her own decisions.

    • I do not want to intervene that, but she looked very concerned and asked me that.

    • Oh ok. I didn't realize she had asked you for your opinion. That's totally different. I would say that her gut and intuition probably know what she wants to do, and it sounds like you know what your gut is saying too. I would just be careful to rule out whether he might have just been talking tough to impress her. Maybe she should just have a heart to heart with him and clarify what he meant. If he is serious about what he said, he will continue to maintain that point of view. I think it really depends in context and character, but her gut might be really attuned to the situation and may already know what to do. The book "Blink" is about decision making and knowing when to listen to one's gut and when to intellectualize the decision making process. It's a quick read and could really help her sort this out.

What Guys Said 1

  • He has a dream, sounds like he's dedicated. Don't see any problems there.

    • Yes, he is very patriotic and loves this Constitution and Bill of Rights.
      She just feels afraid if she loses her husband.

    • If she really wants to date him, it will work out.