Why are guys not attracted to me?

I'm a virgin but I would be down to do anything for a gut I love. I've never had a boyfriend and I'm in 11th grade. Girls are literally always telling me how pretty I am. I'm nice to everyone there's nobody that doesn't like me not to sound cocktail. I'm extremely funny to the point where the teachers laugh. Boys never approach me which makes me scared to approach them. What's wrong with me? ?

I don't talk to anyone. My girl friends can't believe me because I'm too pretty not to have a boyfriend (their words not mine)


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  • Many guys believe you're already taken. Others may be scared to talk to you because they're afraid of being rejected. Others may think you're a slut (yeah, there are some guys that think because you're pretty you fuck a lot). Others may feel intimidated because of your personality. Others may think you're out of their league.

    We can't really tell you exactly why, but you should keep being the same person you are, just try to talk to more guys, if they don't approach, approach yourself. I'm sure there are guys that are attracted to you, you just have to find them, and talk to them.

    • Wow, that was fast haha
      Thanks for the MHO! Good luck :)

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    • Listen, you're a nice girl, you have good intentions, and believe me, people appreciate that, even if they don't say it.
      Don't change who you are, because that guy's gonna come and you'll be glad you waited and didn't change.
      Life's a bitch, and sometimes the best things in life are those you have to wait for.
      But like I said, approach guys, we love that, it gives you 1000 points just for that, no one's gonna look down on you if you do, actually, it's the opposite, they're gonna admire the fact that you have enough courage to do what many others don't.

    • If I wasn't so scared of rejection I would. Thank you

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  • There's nothing wrong with you. It's even more common than you think. Sooner or later someone will approach you.

    • Like never not 1 boy

    • After I read your update, well, I can see one possibility here. Maybe the guys feel intimidated because you're too pretty and funny. Maybe they think they'll have no chances and simply don't approach. Try to be around boys and talk to them more often to show that they can do it.

    • Thanks I'll definitely try

  • Picture please. Your girl friends might just being nice.

    • I promise they're not every girl I've walked pass at school has said oh my god your so pretty not just my friends

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    • That doesn't mean anything. I've seen girls tell girls who are literally 100 lbs overweight that they're "gorgeous".

    • Weight has nothing to do with beauty

  • How many guys do you talk to?

    • I don't talk to anyone. My girl friends can't believe that they think I'm too pretty not to have a boyfriend (their words not mine )

    • Well you gotta talk to guys if you want them to be interested. There's only so much looks can get you. You have to build up a repertoire.

    • I'm just terrified of rejection

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  • This subject is everylasting questions. I think guys like sex and all they care about is the feeling down there and there are plenty of little girls who would do it for nothing so the won't have shortage of it. But, in some cases, you could have high expectations and no men can fill up your expectations or guys are just an assholes. I don't know because I am on the same boat actually. I thought I was ugly until I start escort and people were going crazy. Something is really fish about guys. I don't know.. I think they are all gay at some point but they insisted that they are straight. who care at this point. I can get sex anywhere I want if I want to. sex don't matte anymore. but the thing is I am not that high level and I have to start at some point. I had some low class boy friend and gangsta as well. I don't know why I was end up with them. but gang was gang. I am just dreaming of becoming house keeper or cleaner now

    • I hope you get everything you want in life I'm on your team in glad someone know the feeling sometimes I think should I act like a whore just to get some kind of attention

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    • change your hair color also, it helps you to focus by changing your mood.

    • you are a fox and you have to be full fledged fox. there are cats hiding and sexual. we can call the spirits.

  • well, there's noting wrong with you some guys just might think that since you are pretty you are taken, others might just be afraid to talk to a pretty girl like you and you really shouldn't worry too much about guys its your Jr. Year focus on your future like in college and stuff. Don't let the fact tat you don't have a boyfriend let you down the gill come at the right time maybe he is just waiting for the right time and by the way if you like a guy and you feel some attraction don't be afraid to ask him out or something because he might be as nervous as you are. Some times us girls think that since we are girls we have to wait until prince charming to come, but sometimes our little princess butts need to go and help prince charming because he might be stuck in his thoughts.

    • 😢😢 I know I just always wanted to be the girl guys want and I feel like it's not fair that I have to say something like am I Not worth walking up too?

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    • honey I don't have to imagine because I live it everyday and maybe you just have to be a little more social with the guys try to flirt my friend gets a guy they break up and weeks later she has another one and well you just have to think that maybe you are being shy around guys or your not giving them any signs that you are looking for a bf

    • 😢😢 you're right maybe I can be a little more open

  • Maybe the guys think u already hav a bf, or r too scared to talk to u cus they think ur too pretty and cool for them

    • I would never want some one to feel like that I'm mostly feel like that towards guys And I know that feeling sucks

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