My boyfriend went to a girls house who I hate with a passion?

Okay so this girl sent my boyfriend 3 photos of 3 different dresses on her and asked him for an opinion she wanted something classy with ass and boobs. She's a model so you'd think she would know. Anyways I hate her guts. When she comes home from college she always tects my BF to come over I allowed him to go tonight thinking oh well I'm tired so ill just go to sleep. bi was wrong I woke up sweating because I've been cheated on by all my exes and I'm afraid it s going to happen again. What should I do I trust him but i really don't trust her she's been known to sleep around and with me not being there it's scaring me. Please help?


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  • Tell him how you feel.
    You're only gonna make this worse for yourself by holding it in. Let him hear you out and explain why this makes you uncomfortable and how you've been cheated on before. He should be able to understand that.

    • The thing is I'm bad at talking and he was cheated on before and his comment whenever I bring up cheating is "that's the past this is the present" and then I shut down and it's like why do I try anymore we have been together almost 2 years and it's starting to feel like he wants someone else he has a few girl "friends" I met one but I don't know the rest but it's like I don't really want to know the rest.
      He also says he is the "ladies man" I don't like it when he says that cause then it seems like I'm just there and he don't care that it hurts me and I show him how j feel but I can't ever speak how I feel