Is he just trying to be nice hence his behavior? HELP?

there is this guy who is really quiet around me and barely says anything, because of this our conversations tend to get quiet as well as awkward. i feel the pressure falls on me to come up with things to talk about or ask. he then also starts playing around with his phone when we get quiet which adds to the awkwardness. Also he tends to avoid me, running away when he may see me.

then there are instances he does a complete 180 and smiles and says hi to me and or comes to sit with me on his own.

some examples of his behavior include recently it was my birthday and he didn't wish me on Facebook as usual. but the next day when we saw eachother he wished me happy belated birthday. and then i also asked him for his old textbook since i lost mine. he gave it to me to keep, i then asked me how much he wants me to pay for it, but he told me not to worry about it and its okay.

his behavior around other girls and guys is different, he seems like more himself around them than me.

SO is he just being nice?
ps we both are 20


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