Is it a good idea to go back to someone from the past?

I met him at the cottage about two years ago. We ended up kissing. He asked me on a date. Luckily he only lived about 30 mins from me. We went out on two dates and talked for about two months. But at the time I told him I was still, seeing my ex so we kinda left it at that. We haven't really talked in two years. I just messaged him a few days ago, we catch up. The convos actually got pretty deep, and flowed great, after we caught up didn't even seem like we haven't talked in two years. He told me he did get out of a serious relationship 3 months ago but is over it. He wants to come and visit me... Is it a good idea to start it up again?


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  • I think meeting up with him sounds lovely! :) It doesn't sound like there's a lot of heavy baggage between the two of you. I'd be excited for possibilities, or if anything just a nice time.

    • Thanks:) I am too! We definitely have chemistry and attraction and great conversation