Does he likes me or does he not?

Okay, so basically there's this guy that I've been on and off talking to for quite a while but we never seem to get past that talking stage.
I want to ask him if he enjoys talking to me but I'm a shy person and so is he and I'm worried that I won't like his answer. We talk in person every now and then but mostly it's through text. We can have flirty conversations and serious ones and he's told me stuff that I don't think he's told anyone else. He's been to my house with friends and he seemed really really comfortable there. But every now and then I feel like he doesn't want to talk to me at all. He won't text me first, but if he falls asleep while texting he'll always answer the next day. He always has little gathering at his house but I'm never invited, but will come hang out with me else where. He takes forever to reply but always will.
I want a relationship with him but I'm not sure if I do because I don't know what he wants from me. I'm just really confused.


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  • The easiest thing will just be to ask him straight out how he feels about you. And if he views this thing that y'all have going on the same way you do.