Love, lust, or run?

Before I ask my question, I just want to state that I am using my sisters account and my actual age is 20.
I met this guy who is two years older then me and he is absolutely amazing. Last week I stayed over at this place three separate times. We always have fun when I am over and he always seems to enjoy my company. Last weekend he implied that I had him "locked down on the weekends". I'm not particularly looking for a relationship, but I am head over heals for this guy. He doesn't text me during the week and I only go over to his place when I run into him during the weekend etc. Does it seem like he's just in it for the sex? How do I keep him interested in me without sounding desperate, would it be weird if I suggested we meet up and get lunch or something? Any advice is appreciated.


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  • u shuld run


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