Not sure if this guy likes me?

I've known this guy for a long time at work, but we never crossed paths that much. I always quite liked him but kept it to myself as he had a girlfriend. Then, several months ago he started to change a bit. I noticed him looking at me, his body language started to get a bit closer and he would touch me etc. Then a couple of months ago we started talking more often, both at work and online. He told me in person he was breaking up with his gf, and around the same time the flirting started. I really like him so I was flirting back. He looks into my eyes a lot and smiles, and I reciprocate.
Then he actually broke up with his gf and he told me directly. I actually changed jobs so I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks, but our flirting and talking continued after they broke up. But now he hasn't spoken to me for over a week, and the last time he spoke to me he mentioned how he was feeling a bit down because of the break up.

So my question is, could he have just been building a connection with me because he felt down about the break up and wanted to feel wanted by someone else? I'm feeling quite hurt and confused right now because I thought he liked me but he's just stopped speaking to me. They were together for quite a while so I want to give him time as well. And also he seems a little shy, he's actually blushed a couple of times talking to me which a guy has never done with me before. I'm too shy to make a move and I don't want to be his rebound, so should I wait for him to ask me? Does it sound like he will ask me?


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  • he wants to dig all up in ur puss


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