Why didn't he tell me?

A guy thst I've known for 3/4 of my life somewhat led a tour lufe in my opinion. We began "talking" as bf/gf about 5 years ago, however it was very long distance. After 3 months of daily phone calls, we met in person and it was amazing. But he went back home and life really started giving both of us problems ( loss of job, sick parents, etc) needless to say, everything fizzles out. But we still have remained in contact over the years. 9 months ago, I decided to move back home. I knew it wasn't going to be instant bc I had my house to sell. I wanted to be closer to my family and an amazing job opportunity became an option, which is why I decided to move back. Icing on the cake is "he" also still lives in my hometown.

So 9 months ago, I told him about my plans. He said he was excited and looking forward to dating me, makjng live, etc. We continued to talk quite a bit over the months, but I did notice he would go MIA at night. Anyhow, to make a long story shirt, I sold my house 8 months after listing it, closed a month later, and here I am in my hometown.

I was trying to make plans to see "him" but he was busy traveling for work, or so he claimed. But he still kept voicing how excited he is, how we need to go to dinner soon, and if we can "make out" again, how he can't wait to see me and my incredible breasts again. Sounded good to me, but when? Got my answer when I got together with an old friend who we both went to HS with. I was telling her that I am going to start dating him, and she told me ihe is dating someone else that we went to HS with. That they've been together 2 years and have lived together for 1. And how she just saw them eating out the other day.

I was furious. I told him what I knew wo revealing who told me. He was "focking pissed" and demanded I tell him. I immedietely blocked him.

Why? Why after all these years wouldn't he tell me?


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  • because u fell for his trap duh


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  • I don't know. Did you ask him that?

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