How do I do it?

My ex broke up with me ages ago and I still can't get him out of my head? Please help with the following:

1. How do you stop worrying what they get up to and start concentrating on yourself.

2. How to feel good about yourself and not sh*tty.

3. How to stop looking on Facebook etc to see what he's up to?

4. How to realize your actually worth more?

5. How to want to start dating again.

I would love to know if you guys have any tricks / methods to stopping doing these things cause I really need to stop feeling like this?


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  • You need to realize that IT'S OVER. Convince yourself that it's 100% over, that you will never get back together. As long as you think there's a 1% chance that you will get back together, you will not get over him.

    • Easier said than done I suppose. I was getting there untill he contacted me a couple of weeks ago telling me he still loves me etc, but he hasn't done anything about it and is still with his new girlfriend - I mean if I meant that much he would be chasing right? He just likes messing with my head. I so wish I could forget about him more than anything. I'll just have to keep on telling myself it's over for good. It just hurts that he plays with my emotions so much - he thinks he got the control

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    • Thanks hun, If I only knew how to convince both!!!!

    • Haha that's the hard part.

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