Should I tell him that I'm not allowed to date?

So me and this boy that I've known for almost half a year has finally asked me to hang out. Yes, hang out. Not a date or anything fancy, just... a casual thing. I know for sure that we will progress and eventually end up going on a real date. My only problem: I'm not allowed to date. According to my dad, I'm not even allowed to have guy friends. My mom is the cool one and she does know everything that goes in my life. It's just my my dad.

So the boy is planning to pick me up later but I'm worried that I might get caught by my dad, and it absolutely sucks because I feel even worse lying to him and to this boy I could potentially date. I really want to hang out with him. I really do. I'm not the type of girl who'll let something happen to me that's out of my comfort zone and plus, I know this boy well enough at least. Should I tell him that I'm sneaking out to be with him? Should I tell him about my dad? I'm not sure if he'll go along or just run away...


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  • how old are you? why won't your dad let you date?

    • I'm 16, almost 17. And this boy is 17. My dad is soooo strict and he even gets mad at the fact that I have guy friends. I don't know why, but he tells me that when I'm done college, I can married right away, but he won't even let me experience dating beforehand? It's absurd.

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    • back in he's days

    • Yea that's exactly what my dad is telling me. To focus in school. But isn't it too rough to not even let me hang out with a boy when I've been straight honor roll and doing everything they tell me? I deserve a little freedom but I hate that this is the way I have to get it (by going behind their back). I know for sure that it isn't going to be anything serious anyway, but I like this boy and he likes me. I don't know if his intentions with me are good or bad, but I want to find out.

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  • you should


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  • Tell him.. Nows the time.

    • You think he'll understand, this boy I mean? I'm scared he'll run off and just find someone he can actually date without hiding.

    • Let him go then.. He wouldn't leave if he cares

    • I'll tell him. Thanks for your advice :)

  • Yeah honesty is the best policy, so he'll understand if you get caught. But it's kind of ridiculous that your parents don't let you hang out with boys.

    • I know it's so ridiculous. I've brought plenty of guy friends over to start gaining some trust from my dad, but he gets mad every time.

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