What are my chances of having a long term relationship, and how can I actually get there?

I am a 22 year old black female and still a virgin. I've been in uni for 4 tears and never had a boyfriend until late last year and that's when I had my first kidd. We had been close friends for a year before that... And I really thought that it would be safe but he ended up dumping me and I can't tell you why...

background: I've been awkward my whole life... Was teased in high school... At the heart of me I'm a loner and can't take a complement. I look down when I come across a guy for fear of rejection...

I just don't want to end up being one of those career women who have no love life...

I am 5ft 6 @ and around 110 pounds... I've been told that I should model. That's a physical description.

thanks in

First kiss not kidd
I'm currently working for a small company jump starting my career in the finance field. Not a lot of guys there...


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  • Seems like you have the physical side down, but what about the personality. You need work in that area. A little confidence and sometimes assertion could go a long way for you. Using your physical attributes only will only get you a physical response which is short term (and left you with a gift). If you want long term, you need more than that, especially now that you have a child.

    • Lo I dont have a kid. It was a typing error. I meant kiss. I had my first kiss at age 22. I've never had sex

    • lol... well, it doesn't change much of the opinion, just delete from "especially..." to the the end of it.

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  • By your description you have very good chances. I've never even held hands with a girl so at least you've made a little progress.

  • i'm sure you'll get another one

  • Relax.. You'll have a partner


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