I'm pissed off right now?

This guy I'm in love with said he loved me back last week, that he was going to miss me until next time we meet, that he has feelings yet he's scared and he doesn't know if he's ready for love. We met almost 3 years ago, first friend with benefits, he changed 2 months ago.

Now, he's been checking his online dating profile on pof daily even though I said to him I want him to delete it.

He hasn't contacted me since Thursday.

I want to show him this is not acceptable but I don't want to tell him directly, so I was thinking on going online on another dating site we have both accounts so he'll see I'm not ok with his behavior, and that he might lose me if he continues with this.
Is this the right thing to do or he'll withdraw from me thinking I'm a flake?


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  • Don't want to tell him directly? Go onto a online dating site? In my opinion, this is not the right thing to do. It doesn't sound like he is ready for a serious committed relationship to you. Men are notorious for having one foot in the door and foot out of the door. Which sounds like what this guy wants. Keep having sex with you and keep his online dating options open. If this is the real thing, you should have the confidence to approach him and express how you are feeling without any games. At this rate, even if he does delete his online dating accounts and you guys begin a relationship, you will have developed serious trust issues in the process.


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  • No girl. I believe you should tell me him directly. You know what you want so you ask him directly and demand he knows what he wants also.

    • I already told him I'm not ok with him talking to other women. What else do you want me to tell him? He already knows I'm pissed off about this yet he continues going online to pof, and no texts for me. wtf. I want to hurt him now

    • then tell him it is over with you two and see what happens. If he won't seek you anyway he can then he is not worth your time.

  • if you're really 34, don't you think it'd be a little childish?


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  • Girl no games! Just talk to him straight up how you feel and if he doesn't care then move on from him.

    • No games... ok. that's all we've been doing, games. I'm not going to repeat to him I'm not ok with him multidating. He'll have to learn the hard way