My best friend wants to set me up with her ex fiance?

It's a small town, there aren't a lot of guys around but still I'm not sure it's a good idea?

They met when the two of us moved here about 1,5 years ago. Got engaged very quickly and then he broke because he felt she had been with too many guys
It took a while but they're friends again now and the other night she had both of us over for dinner, which was clearly a set up.
She said she still thinks he's a great guy and the reason they broke up isn't something I have to worry about, so she doesn't why not.

Well I don't know, I could see myself dating him, but I just wonder if it would get too complicated, you know? With them having been a couple before and all


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  • you got to be joking right? can't you feel that something seems really weird in this situation?

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