Did my classmate ask me out?

Ok quick confirmation. I am in the first year of my program at college and he is in the second so we only have one class together and all we do is watch movies in that class so wet don't have to interact like ever.

So story time. I've never really talked to this guy before but on Valentine's day we had a shoot at school so I was there to help and he was going around asking his classmates (even men and asking jokingly) if they'd be his valentine and he asked me and I said "do I get food? I'll say yes if I get food" and he said he didn't have food so I was like "I can't be your valentine without chocolate" (jokingly). So anyways yesterday I randomly got a message from him on fb asking me if I liked video games and other things and I said yes so he said "well we need to hang then because I owe you from Valentine's day" then he said I don't have to if I don't want to then I said "yes as long as I get that food" and he said "whatever makes you happy".

So is he being friendly or asking me out. It's kind of odd that he waited like half a year to talk to me if he liked me.


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  • lol, I think that he actually asked you out. I just know I wouldn't say "I owe you from Valentine's Day" after two weeks if I didn't want to ask a girl out.

  • Yes!!! he wants to take you out...


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