I plan on asking this girl out but i'am not sure how I should approach this?

I want to ask this girl our but i'am not sure how i should go about it. It could be risky because we are in the same group of friends and if she says no, it might be awkward. Can anyone tell me what would be a good time to ask her out or how to approach this. I'am actually a bit scared but everyone is telling me to ask her out.


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  • If everyone, including girls, is telling you to from your group of friendsto ask her out, 9 times out of 10 she likes you. And tbh if you dont like her enough to take the risk, dont waste her time, and save both of you some heartache.

    • I do like her forsure, she always flirts with me. If she says no, it's just the awkwardness

    • how much is she worth to you? Or you can just never know, she could be the one...

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