Friendzoned? or does she like me and im just bad a picking up signals?

hey y'all, so I was at this party the other day and one of my friends was there that I hadn't seen in a wile and we were hanging out a little bit and making small talk, (because im really awkward around girls I like) but we were just chillin with some other people.
then it was time for me to go home and so I told her bye and gave her a hug and she held on to me and was like "nooo don't go" so we litteraly hugged for like what seemed a couple minutes but probably only 15 second but anywise, she walked with me up to my truck in the dark with her friend and we hugged before I left.
so does she like me or am I in the "really good friend zone"? lol (btw I have already told her that I like her and she said we need to become better friends first, whatever that means haha)


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  • girls don't know either, sorry. we'd have to be there to see for ourselves and interpret it.


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  • She might just have been drunk. If she was sober I'd say it's a good sign but not conclusive.

    • well I know for a fact she wasn't drunk lol

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    • thanks man, that awesome info!
      im going to be seeing her next weekend so we'll see what she does haha

    • Good luck dude, and always remember to be respectful.

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