My parents doesn't know I date him and I'm scared to tell them because they won't like it?

I'm dating this guy and my parents doesn't know about it. I say that I'm not ready for a relationship but actual I am it's just my parents I'm scared to tell. My dad is strict and will hate that I have a boyfriend and I bet he wouldn't let me see him, and my mom will accept it but she ones told me that I shouldn't have a boyfriend when I'm 16 because I'm young and will get hurt. I don't know I'm scared to tell them and I scared to have a serious relationship because of them. My parents are very very strict persons.


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  • its not like your pregnant dont tell them i know your your only 16 and you feel like you should be open but bun it keep to your self and also why would your parents not like him >

    • I don't know I just feel like my dad won't like the thing that I'm in a serious relationship and he is one year older than me too.

    • if i had a daughter whose 16 i wouldn't want her dating ether just save your parents the strees for a bit until you been going out with the guy forawhile and really like him dont be a nieve little girl please

    • o and by the way if you say serious relashonship they might think you guys are sexually active thats a nono if you really want to be up front say you have a guy friend that you like and you guys are good friends then tell your parents you want him over for dinner that will make r break it

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