What has been some of your experiences with a stoner?

What has been some of your experiences dating a stoner? Is it a deal breaker for you? Do you not mind? Has it became a problem in your relationship before?


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  • It can definitely be an issue.
    I mean, I'm never against having some smokes sometimes. But "stoner life" revolves around it. It seems to be the only priority in life. And I don't understand how its that ridiculously important.

    • That's the problem I'm having right now. My boyfriend spends roughly about $160 a month on weed/weed materials. He will cancel our plans to go out smoking with his friends. When he does go out smoking he'll stay out until 4 in the morning or just stay out all night then he'll sleep all day forcing little to no contact between us. Before he would only smoke like twice a week now it's almost everyday. I don't understand the obsession with it and it's becoming a problem in our relationship.

    • I had an ex just like that. Its a lot of why we broke up.
      My guy now started a little that way, and I cut that down quick.
      Tell him none of that. Its the weed or you that gets his time.

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  • I've had a few experiences that are all different, i think it depends on the person not so much the fact they smoke. for instance an ex of mine smoke and got aggressive, he used it as an excuse to act out, he mooched off people and was stingy. a current friend of mine is so funny and likes to be active when he smokes, he still gets good grades and doesn't let it affect his responsibilities. I've known people who get paranoid (every time) people who talk too much and people who eat too much lol

  • Smoke with ya man, let off some steam then have sex and you will both be happy :-)