Do he wanna date me because I'm a Virgin?

I met a guy. We recently started dating. He tell me a lot about his past, which i realize he's been with a a lot of girl. He calls me a lot. He gives me a lot of attention. But one thing, when were talking its mostly about sex. He always start sex texted conversation. He knows I'm a Virgin. Do u thing he just wants to get between my legs or I'm i overreacting?


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  • he wants to bang you, run


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  • yessireeeee


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  • He definitely just wants to have sex with you and that's it, or also known as "take advantage of you".

    Please take care of yourself and make the right choice for yourself. :)

    • Ok thanks for ur advice. I sure will.😃

    • You're very welcome and you have a lot of dignity (not just the virgin part of you), so stick to that, it's beautiful. :)

    • Awww thank u. It mean a lot to hear that.