Guys, do you like playful girls?

When the bf and I chill at his place, I like to mess with him. I poke his face or act like I'm going to kiss his neck and loudly smooch his ear instead. He usually takes my phone, candy or the remote I hate that! So the other day he was on the couch and he took my phone so I ended up straddling him and reaching for my phone. I couldn't reach it so I kissed his neck and started grinding on him. when he got into it he forgot about my phone and I snatched it, then I left him like that. He can't stand that so he's probably gonna get me back later... but what do you guys think? Are playful girls annoying?


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  • Yes, they're fun!


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  • I love it a lot

  • "Playful" = Stupidly annoying worthless bitches who don't know when to quit. No.

    • Well... I don't know I think life's a little more enjoyable when you know how to have fun. But thanks for the opinion:)

    • "Know how to have fun" = Are willing to tolerate the failure of a person I am and put up with what I find enjoyable at the expense of your person.

      Kill yourself. ^_^

    • No need to be such a bitch. Go get laid princess, you obviously need it.

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  • It depends on the guy and his mood but if he's also a playful guy I think he'd like it :)

  • What guy WOULDN'T like when a girl is straddling and grinding on him?
    It's probably only annoying if he's trying to be serious, just chill and relax and you're acting like a damn spazz

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