Do you like buying gifts for your SO? Do you feel bad when you think you spent too much on ypur SO?

My boyfriend likes spending on me. Sometimes, I genuinely get upset because I think he spends too much on me. I always tell him to put extra money in his own savings. I think he will regret it in the future and look back at all he's spent, then feel terrible about our relationship.


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  • "Do you feel bad when you think you spent too much on ypur SO"

    Cos relationships are sold at $2 a piece?
    Can I ask for a discount if I pay by cash?

    OF COURSE NOT... well... unless there are the sort of people that goes REALLY bitter when a relationship fails.

    • Well its severe to the point that he has no money left for food sometimes and refuses to eat anything I buy him because he doesn't want to decrease my money..

    • He cray cray crazzzy for you by the sounds of it.

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  • Then just give him something back!


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  • I love buying my boyfriend stuff when I have the money and nope I love him so I'll spend as much as I want to see him super happy ^_^