Girls, do you talk about what you're looking for in a relationship on the first date?

I'm just curious. All the dates I've been on were from girls I met from dating sites, so I kind of just assumed they were looking to date. Anyways, girls do you talk about what you're looking for like for instance, looking for a relationship, friends. etc? I've been on dates with three different girls and it was never mentioned. Honestly, I didn't want to seem all pushy early on, but at the same time I wonder if this confuses the girl and is why I don't really seem to have much success. I think it's mainly that these girls on the internet have no idea what they want that's the main problem, but I just wanted to ask anyways.


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  • I can tell you what I wouldn't talk about.

    -past relationships

    I would talk about my family and my interests and my faith. If you drop that you're religious most people assume you want a relationship.

  • I personally do. I don't know bout other girls


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