GUYS any ideas as to why he does this?

this guy i know is very quiet around me and conversations tend to get quiet and awkward because he rarely says anything. I feel the pressure falls on me to come up with things to ask or talk about. if i dont say anything he starts playing with his phone adding to the awkwardness. He also avoids me, literally running away when he sees me though i ignore it.

then at times he does a complete 180 and smiles at me when i see him, says hi, and or comes to sit with me on his own.

some examples of his behavior include: well not too long ago it was my birthday and he didn't wish me on Facebook. but the next time he saw me he wished be a belated birthday without me mentioning it. then i lost my textbook of a class he had taken once. i asked him if he had his old textbook and he gave me his to keep. i asked him how much does he want to charge me and he told me not to worry about and its okay since he doesn't want anything for it

his behavior around other girls and guys is different and he seems more himself around them than he does with me

so is he just being nice?
ps we both are 20


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  • He likes you but his social skills around women suck. The reason he plays with his phone during awkward pauses in the conversation is because he feels like he is FAILING to keep up his end, plus his phone is familiar and soothes his anxiety. When he runs away it is because it was an unexpected encounter for him, and that set off his anxiety. The times he is friendly with you are highly practiced and planned so that helps lessen his anxiety.

    He is a shy guy around women he likes. What that means is that his social skills with women romantically are highly lacking. Sure he can interrelate to men and other women he is not interested in but when it comes to flirting or dealing with women who he likes he falls short.

  • His attracted to you


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