Do you have an opposite sex friend, who has a bf/gf, but it seems like some things they ask you to do could indicate interest in you?

What are the things that make you feel that hey may be interested in you? Or maybe you feel like they really like to spend time with you alone, only in public, but because you still live at home you wouldn't have privacy anyways.

Do you have an opposite sex friend that makes you feel as though they might like you more Han a friend why kind of things/words/actions/hangouts make you feel this way?

If you don't have one of these type of opposite sex friends, what would you imagine that they would do to show you they like you and want a relationship or to date?


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  • No I always feel like my female friends see me as only friends. maybe I'm blind too it. but none of my female friends seek me out more than they do others. It'll be a while before girls show interest in me I think. I don't know why but that's just how I feel.


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  • Yes! One of my guy friends always flirts with me, but not in a joking way, in a serious way. He always invited me to his house alone, and to be his 'date' to family gatherings. He always tells me that he 'hasnt got feelings' for any girls that i say he would be cute with. He's always looking and me, and goes really quiet when i talk about other guys. I think i need to confront him because it is making our friendship really hard and awkward.
    Oh and he got me a teddy bear for Valentine's day, literally the size of my apartment door.


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