How to make this work?

I started seeing this guy, his really amazing to me. I've loved all the time I've spent with him but well now I feel like we have run out of things to do together and talk about, I still want to be interesting and make this interesting. I wanna come up with amazing ideas to do with him but I need help? Also last time we hung out it was the biggest dissapointment because everything we planned didn't turn out and we ended up just going back to his like we always do now. I ended up calling him boring. I guess I just felt he would say the same about me, I regret saying it. Also I have no idea why but I started making fun of him (in a fun way) but I think maybe he took it all too seriously (Now I look back I probably would have too) and I also had said one bad comment about someone else, and I feel horrible because I don't want to seem like that at all, talking bad about others and being judgmental. I'm not near like that ever, I guess it was a one off and I let it slip :/ I've also seemed a little cold at times because I am scared of relationships. We haven't talked since that day, should I message him and say I didn't mean those comments? Also that day we decided to make our relationship public on social media and someone he used to like commented and he got embarrassed and deleted it... I need advice? He makes me extremely happy and I want to do the same for him, I wanna make this work?


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  • if u know he meant something to you and u think u did something wrong, i think it's alright to take the initiative and tell him that u r sorry. sometimes, girls taking initiative can make the guys realize that u like him enough to do so. Also, if u r afraid of saying the wrong comments again, next time dont give quick respond, take a minute and think. And when u get used to it, u will not slip out ur thoughts that easily :)

    • Thank you :)

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    • I think I might be, I still said sorry whether it annoys him I don't know :/

    • well, as long the both of u get back to normal after that. wish u luck then :)

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  • Contact him, ask him for dinner and explain your feelings to him. Apologize for making fun of him and tell him you are serious about him. Sometimes you just have to be completely honest in certain situations and this is definitely one of them. Hiding your feelings and intentions now will only make him think you're not interested. If you're running out things to say/do then it's also a good indication that you might have been spending too much time together prior. There must be space for you two to miss each other and spend time on your own. This helps freshen both of you up and can mean more interesting conversations about what you got up to while you were away.

    • We only have hung out every Saturday for the last few weeks, and I went away for a bit and just recently saw him and that's how it was.. I don't know we just both can't think of things to do :/ we don't even text everyday. But I do try to hide my feelings but it's how I am I guess... But I have more than once tried to show him and tell him I like him

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    • Maybe we aren't compatible, I mean I have had amazing times with him so far but we don't have mutual friends, and he always wants to come to my place but I don't really want to take him because I'm a bit embarrassed of where I live.. I don't have a lot and my family.. Well I just wasn't brought up like he was. And I'm the type of person who is kinda closed off I guess and Im not sure he likes that, but I'm not sure how to not be like that. everytime I try and make plans we go to do it and we seem to get bored and change our minds and go to his.. And just its so expected everytime now. I don't know, your advice is so great! I'm starting to think maybe we aren't good together though, I'm not even sure if we're going out or not. I seem to ruin a lot that makes me happy and I feel like I'm ruining this too. I texted him saying sorry about the other day and he messaged me back saying I worry too much.. Aha. Should I leave what we have? I'm just not really sure what to do for the long run.

    • I understand how you feel. It's the same with my family too. I also sometimes feel embarrassed I guess but you know you shouldn't feel that way. People don't choose their circumstances always. You cannot help that you come from this kind of family or that kind of family. If a guy lets that influence the relationship then he's a asshole. As simple as that. I think you need to be real with yourself and ask yourself if this guy is truly someone you see yourself with a year from now or even 5 years from now. If the answer is no, then it's time to stop putting in a lot of effort. If you do still think there's something then you'll need to fight for it at this point. I think you need to just talk to him and explain everything. I think you would feel much better being honest to someone about yourself and opening up for once. But don't do that for a guy who you don't really feel sure over. If you're not sure then leave it and just create some distance between you two.